The Drive Home
So I find this Chevelle on the web & after some negotiations we come to terms.  All I have to go is get a ride up to San Fransisco & see the car to be sure thats its all its cracked up to be & get it home.  So I call up my good buddy Tim & ask him what hes doing this weekend & he asked "why what did you have in mind".  Well I tell him, there is this car .....................  You know you have a buddy when he takes a non-paid day off from work, drives HIS truck & HIS trailer up to San Fransisco (from the bottom end of the state) to get a car.  He checks the trailer, fills up the truck & we are off. 

We made great time on the way up, it only took us about a 1/2 day to get there.  we showed up @ the guys house @ about 7 PM or so & check out the car & do the deed.  we loaded her up & off we went. 

we decided that we were going to drive a bit & find a hotel, 'cause its still early so why not......... Well, we hop on the freeway & are headed south & there are TONS of gas stations, & we figured we would stop @ "the next one".  when the gauge started heading towards "Elvis" we started looking for a gas station.  Well, by then we were "out of town" & there is not a turn around to be found.  We finally found a rest stop & calculating the mileage we got on the way up & we calculated that we had exactly NOTHING left in the tank.  In short we were hosed. 

by now its LATE & we are in this dark rest stop & figuring that we were not going to make maybe 5 or 6 more miles before we were officially out of gas.  I saw a trucker getting ready to head back out & I figured I would ask him if there was a gas stop up a bit or if were were going to have to call for help (if the Cell would work).  he checked his map & asked his buddy in the back of the cab (scared the heck out of me when he poped his head out of the back of the cab).  he starts digging through his trucker maps & talking with his buddy & the guy tells me "Yea I THINK that there is a gas stop right up over that little hill there". 

We did not think that we were going to make it, so we pumped what was left in the car out of it into a can & put it into the truck.  we had no idea what was in the car, we only hopped that it was not enough leaded gas that we were going to ruin, not one or two, but four O2 sensors on his dually (this was getting WAY expensive for me @ this point).  So we put those 3 gallons of gas into the truck & started up the hill.  sure enough about 8 or 9 miles up the hill was a turn out & some gas stations. 

we pulled into the gas station & filled it up.  we had been putting in just about the same number of gallons every stop, but this time it took 1 gallon shy of the capacity of the truck.  that told us that with the 3 or so gallons that we added into the truck from the car, we would have been out of gas if we had not stopped & put that gas in from the car.  we did however neglect to put any gas back into the car, but "who cares, its being towed why would we need to put gas into the car"?

So, we figured we would stop for the night & get some ZZZZ's.  after driving around for another hour & finding that ALL of the hotels out here in the middle of NOWHERE wer full.  who would have thought.  we finally found a hotel off the way, that had a room, we locked up & crashed for the night. 

we got up bring & early & hit the road like a toad.  we were fresh & nothing was going to stop us now, or so we thought.  we are flying down the road & suddenly we hear BOOM!  it sounded like a tire but surely not one on the truck, it was too far back .......................... OH NOOOOOOOO, it had to be the trailer.  So we pull it over & sure enough the aft tire on the Passenger side was blown to bits. 

See the pictures & the rest of the captions for "the rest of the story........"

Well sure enough there it is, flat tire.  No biggie right.  Tim being the boy scout he is checked the spare, packed a jack & even brought a tank with more air in it, just in case.  See the thing is that with his trailer being as wide as it is & the road being as small as it is, even with the trailer all the way up against the curb, the trailer was "JUST" off of the road.  in fact I would guess that it was probably too close to the line for most drivers. 

The thing is that in order to get the jack onto the axel to get the tire in the air, I had to go under the trailer to put it there & to jack it up.  & EVERY time a Semi  would some ripping along @ 90 MPH, the entire trailer would shake & sway what seemed to be 3 or 4 feet.  in reality it was no where near that much, but when you are UNDER a trailer on the hot black top on the side of a road in the middle of the desert, it might as well have been 20 feet.   AND the jack not being the greatest thing in the world it took about 12 or 13 Semi's worth of time to get the trailer up in the air. 

So we get the trialer up in the air & now we need to get spare tire out.  the thing there is that the spare tire is in the well that is under the car THAT HAS NO GAS!!! 

You can see from this shot that it was a slight down hill so getting the car out of the trailer was a no brainer, just pull it out of gear & ride the brakes down.  But how are we going to get it back into the trailer?  I figured we would cross that bridge when we got there.  we still had to put the tire onto the trailer first. 

Once we got the tire on & the trailer back on the ground the tire was looking a bit sad, so Tim put a bit of air into it.   

As you can see, we did not have far to go to get the car into the trailer, but it was an uphill battle & for those that dont know, a 66 Chevelle is NOT a compact car.  the last thing I wanted to do was to push it into the trailer. 

I figured I was going to hit the key & hope that there was enough gas in the carb bowls to get the car up the ramp & into the trailer.  & if it ran out of gas I was going to drive it up into the trailer with the starter motor.  Fortunately for me, there is no neutral safety switch on the car so driving it with the starter motor would not have been a problem.   BUT as luck would have it, the car started right up & drove into the trailer.    

Well there it is.  Tim has the truck running & the AC cooling it down again, after our little detour. No biggie right, just a flat tire.   we drove to the next exit to get some grub, a "little gas" & hopefully to find someone that would have a spare tire, so should this happen again (with the luck that we have been having the last 12 hours right.....).  After about an hour of driving we finally found someone  that was open, but thats another story all together.......  LOL.

All I gotta say @ this point is

Thanks Tim!
Your "the Man"!