Dachau Concentration Camp

For a link to the web site to the Dachau camp click HERE.  We both loved & hated the tour of the camp.  It it still hard to believe that any person or groups of people could be so inhumane to another. 
This is the first thing you would have seen as you got off of the train & were directed towards the gate.
This says Arbeit Macht Frei, which loosely translated means "work shall set you free".
this is what you would see as soon as you walked through the doors.  this is the staging area, where they would count all the prisioners.   to the left are 2 barracks buildings that show how the priosioners lived & to the right (out of view) is the main building where all of the displays & pictures & the main tour goes through. 
Every one of those rectangles was a "dorm" that housed prisioners.  this is only 1/2 of them, there was another row on the other side of the trees.
This is the first set of beds that they had.  they had posters up that showed what years these were used, but I neglected to write it down.  In the 3 remodels that the priosioners did of thier barracks, the beds got progressively smaller to fit more priosioners into the same space. 
this was the first crematorioum that they had on the property.  it was small & inefficient.  so they built a new one.  
this is the outside of the new crematiorium & gas chambers.  they never actually used the gas chambers in this building, but they did use the crematoriums.    
this is the inside of the gas chamber.  it was called the "shower room".  there were heads sticking down from the cieling that the gas came out of.  I guess all of the "shower heads" were stolen.    
this is the first building they setup with cells in it.  they kept all of the special priosioners here.  they had also brought the press & city officials through, to show them how the "workers" were kept.