Dec 2000
Believe it or not, this was taken in a McDonalds Parking lot.  this guy has the racket.  Free location, free customers, & the restaurant manager did not mind as he was bringing in business, with the pony. 
The cutest ghost in town. 
#1  Flying high in Uncle Joes Pool
#2 Right behind his brother, "Me do. Me do!" 
What kind of car guy would I be if I did not find a car museum or two while on our honeymoon?  This one was @ the Yankee candle, candle shop somewhere in New Hampshire, or was it Vermont?  Got me, but they had some nice cars, Oh yea & some smelly candle things too.  The honey moon was 9 years after the fact, but it was the one that we wanted & it was great.  Better late than never, right? 
Christmas 2000
It was a great year