Kitchen 2004
Update Aug 2013:
The lights in the Kitchen seem to burn out quite often & those little bulbs are very expensive.  So I figured I would try a trick I did in the Car Trailer, in the Kitchen as well. 

These are 5050 SMD, LED Strips.  I bought them off of a Amazon store based in California.  the first set of LED's I bought were "cool white" & they were VERY blue.  the next set I bought were Warm White & you can see the difference between the colors. 

In the end, Im a little disapointed how the project came out,  I like that the LED's turn on instantly & they dont get as hot as the florescent ones, but they dont put out as much light as I thought they should. 

The Blue LED's on the top are the "cool" white & the ones on the bottom are "warm" white. 
these are the cool white, warm white & CFL's, all lit up @ once.  notice that the warm whites are much closer to the CFL color than the cool white. 
All buttoned up & finished.   
All Warm White without the covers put back onto the fixtures.