Bowtie overdrives (overdrive GM trannys)
(If its overdrive & GM, this is the only stop)
Everything you ever wanted to know about the GM ECM & more found here.  These are probably the most knowledgable guys out there (next to the general, but he's not telling), when it comes to the GM ECM & GM EFI in general.  I have learned more from these gents than I ought to admit.
There is a ton of information on this site about 3rd gen camaros & all of the things that make them great.  There is also a ton of great information on EFI & tuning your CPU (yes it can be done, under adult supervision), & making your car run great no matter what modifications you have done.
Jacks Muffler
Larry has been doing my exhaust work since I first came to San Diego.  Even though I dont live in the hood any more I make it a point to go see him.
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