Misc Tuning Stuff
The two on the left are simply lighted magnifying glasses.  They do well enought to light up something that is flat or has little depth to it, but if you want to look deep into something they do not do that good a job.  the one on the right is called an Otoscope (thats what is says on it @ least).  the plug is there just for size reference.  I got my Otoscope through a nursing magazine that sells "inexpensive" medical supplies & tools.  the "real" ones that the Dr's use are expensive.  BUT, look @ what the big time tuners use to do plug cuts........ its not just for looks
this was taken looking through the large lighted magnifying glass.  as you can see it does have a gradiant on it for reference, but you can kind of see that the light only gets slightly lower than the tip of the porcelain, it does not get down into plug where the porcelain meets up with the metal part of the plug.
this was taken through the Otoscope.  it is hard to see in the picture, but the light from the Otoscope goes all the way down into the plug so that you can see the dark ring going around the plug AND see for flecks of metal indicating detonation. 

I had been using the large lighted mag glass & I thought it did well enough, but when I got the Otoscope, I pulled out the can with all my plugs in it & found that 6 or 7 of the 30 plugs that I had in it, actually had small metal specs on it, indicating that it was detonating @ some time.  I was pretty surprised! 
Well I figured that if I was going to run the bottle I ought to learn how to use it.  I built a flow tool, to set flowing Fuel presure.  its quite simple.  I bought a T 1/4" NPT fittings on each side, screwd a 1/4" NPT - Dash 4 fitting in each side & a 15 Lb gauge in the branch of the T.  I ground down the tip of one of the -4 fittings & drilled out the hole so that it was Just the right size for the Jet to fit in it.  when I put the fitting onto it , it fits perfectly.  I am going to do some flow testing to see how much this flows @ the same pressure compared to the plate with the same jet in it @ the same pressure.  I would expect that they are going to be close, if they are off by more than 1/4 Lb, I will make a cheat sheet for each Jet & use that to set the flowing fuel presure.
@ the recommendation of a friend, I put a shut off valve on the input to the flow tool. 
Another shot of it all together.  as you can see the Jet is sticking a bit out of the fitting on the left.
Here it is all done.  I added some tubing to connect to the output of the regulator & another length on the other side to put the fuel into a gas can.