My Dad showed up @ my BootCamp Graduation.  this was the day after graduation
My Room in EM A-School.
Chuck, Skip & I went to Great Lakes Dragway & he we talked him into Jello Wrestling with some nice Ladies.  She is actually telling him to tag the other guy & to get out, his turn was over. 
Skip "doober" Thompson, Gary Whitehall, Me & Chuck Pierce.  Roomates in EM A-School. 
After Great Lakes, we all went down to Orlando.  This was one of our parties @ Chuck & Sandra's Appartment. Skip Loved the "baked" look. 
Lawrence Selensky ("Sky") & I rode to Daytona from Orlando. 
Yep "way" back in 1986, you could drive on the beach.
Christmas 1986 in Orlando. This was @ Gary & Michelle Whitehalls house with Chuck & Sandra Pierce.
Here is what happens when your a trouble maker & fall asleep before everyone else @ the party.
My first VFR.  A few days after I bought it in Ornado.
From Orlando I went to Philly.  This is Ernesto Valdez & his Girlfriend Kathy Bradford
The Indy stopped in Norfolk Virginia on the way down around the horn to San Diego.  I got to meet up with Chuck & Sandra @ their house & Sky Lisa came by too.
We stopped in St. Thomas on the way to San Diego.  I went out with my friends in A-Gang. 
Yes some pretty bad pictures.  not sure what was wrong with the camera.
This was coming around the horn of South America.  For about 3 days, that little ship was underwater more than it was above. 
This was in Rio De Janeiro, with Ernie
This was is what Rio looks like in the winter.  kind of a letdown when your expecting the Rio in the movies. 
The next stop on the trip to San Diego, was Acapulco, Mexico. 
Not the kind of thing you would find on the streets of San Diego, or Philly, but I guess.......... common for Acapulco.
I dont remember the event, but this is part of the crew for the A&E shop. 

Ted Kimes, Mike Buzdawka (Buz), Russ Brown, Me
Able Henandez, & Glen from Trinidad
The Shop @ my Grandmothers house on Oahu. 

Tom & Glenn in the back row
Me, Rus & Abe
Singapore with a bunch of the guys from the Indy.

Tom & Russ from the shop.

goofing around with my new camera @ my desk in the A&E shop. 

Al Heinzman from "West by God Virginia" & Joe Kook from NY.
My Brother & I on the Tea Cups @ Disney Land.
Sunset @ the Helo Pad down the Pier from Grandma Mary's Slip in Waikiki.
Micheal J. Buzdawka
a bunch of the guys came over to the house to help paint.  Not sure what happened to the rest of the pictures, but here is one of me & Buz.