Navy 2
Ernesto on one of our 2 Beer days in the "GOO" (Gulf Of Oman).

someone had the great idea......... "how about we go parachuting".  We all thought it was a great idea, however........ only 3 of us actually did it.  It was AWESOME.  some 25 years later I got to do it again with my son Jacob.  Not that you can tell....... but this is me, over Otay Lakes. 

One of my favorite pictures EVER!!!!!!

Bob, Able & JR.

Royce Baber & his wife, from Distribution Shop

Theodore Joseph Kimes. Awesome person & great mentor. 

Teddy Joe on his boat after I got out of the Navy.

Donna & a very young spike

Marine Corps ball, 1988 with my Dad & Brother.

Mexico with Donna, Dan & the Raders

Russ, Abe & I @ Sandy Beach on Oahu

A Picture of the Indy, Pre SLEP if IIRC.

I saw a lot of beautiful sunrises at sea. 

2 more in Singapore with JR & Able

Shellback Initiation

One of my favorite pictures of all time.  Donna & I were @ dinner in Hong Kong

Hong Kong with Leigh & Detrick Volkland.

Recieving my Navy Achievement Medal from the Captain of the Indy.
After I got back from West Pack Donna & I drove up to Laguna Seca to see the GP motorcyle race with David Koskinen.  Very cool experience.