The first "Hot Rod"
It looked good most of the time
It ran some of the time
It cost too much $$$ all of the time
Too much motor
Too much N2O
Too little Fiber glass
Too much fun
48 Webers
Stroker motor
Super Flow heads
Lots of N2O
Do I really have to say any more? 
Click here to see more of my Datsun Roadster that had a 302 Ford V8 in it.
Not the Fastest thing on the block, but for my first street bike it was sure a LOT of fun. 
The Old Projects. 
Gone but certainly not forgotten
Here is the latest addition to the "Old Projects" part of my web site.  Its the car that started this whole Web Site thing in the first place.  I have a good number of pictures & links & such to all the modifications I made to this car.  from the first Motor which was simply a stroker motor with a little giggle juice, to the 2nd motor which was a Electronically Fuel Injected setup, with an overdrive transmision.  I leaned a LOT with this project & met a lot of great folks along the way (as well as some Not so great ones, LOL).  Anyway, check it out & enjoy.
Another VFR.  a 800 FI model this time.