Pinewood Derby
Jakes Derby Car 2006
Jakes Car (Blue) Eli's Car (Gray) 2007
The Gray Car took 2nd place this year, but the thin wheels were outlawed for next year.
Jakes Car (Left) Eli's Car (Right) 2008
We ran out of time, getting these together we were lucky they even had wheels on them.
Jakes Car (Gray) Eli's Car (Black) 2009
GOOD year!!!  the black car took 3rd place & the Gray Car took 1st place. 
Last year for Jake & he goes out on top.  we had a runoff between the two cars after the event & the black car won (twice), I think the one loss he had was because he did not line it up well, the car was waggin down the track.  too bad cause we could have took top two, but.......... 2 out of 3 is awesome.

These boys worked hard on thier cars this year.  The only thing dad did  was drill the holes for the wheels, they did the rest. 
2009 Champs
We did very well this year.  Jake (Gray shirt) took home first & Eli (Red shirt, second from left), took home 3rd place.
The runoff for 3rd place.  Eli (Left) took home the money!!
Lots of really cool cars this year (30 of them).
2010 Cars.  this is our last year for Pinewood Derby, so we got a little creative in the car design.  Jake did not build a car, so I did one to see how a plain old block would stand up agains Eli's super crazy design.  Again, Eli did everything, but drill & install the wheels.  The short version is that Elis design was faster than my simple block.  not by much, but enough that he won 3 out of 3.