SD BBQ 2003
This is Nancy 74 LT & her better half.  Mike made the MOST wicked Salsa for the BBQ.  it was Just about perfect.  Hot enough to make you sweat, but not so hot you started to cry.  He claims the magic is in the home grown pepers!  Gonna have to get more of that next time :-)
This is POS71RS.  He showed up a bit late (drove down from LA after work, the big trooper) so he did not get to meet the entire gang, but for sure he gets the hard core award for working & then hopping in the car & driving all the way down.
This is my wife Donna.  Many thanks goto her for all the prep & hard work to pull it together for everyone. 
The Kids started the party on the front lawn as most of the guys were checking out the cars.  Eventually we went to the back yard where I got to burn some Burgers & Dogs for everyone. 
Here are 3 of the 5 Camaro's that made it, as well as the Nova (& my 'Bu in the garage).  because of timing I was not able to get All of the cars in one shot, but maybe next year.  AND unfortunately, because I was @ the helm of the BBQ, I did not get a picture of everyone in the back yard hanging out.  we had 24 Folks there all in all.  I wish I had thought to give someone the camera & made them take some pictures.  Oh well, there WILL be next year.  & there is the "light house BBQ", in August as well. 

I want to thank everyone that came down (especially those folks that braved the traffic to come from all parts north)  we appreciate it & hope to do it again soon.