Time Slips
Kind of hard to see in this slip but this was the first trip to the track after the 1st Gen motor went into the car.  It was a 13.162 @ 105.60 mph.  this was on the Mickey Thompson Sportsman pro's & they were not hooking @ all.  60' times were 2.017, I think that my wifes mini van does better 60' times.
This trip was with the Secon Gen motor, no stall in the converter & a 3.08 rear grear, even with some some stall, it would have been for not.  I had to baby the throttle for the first 30 or 40 feet or the Radials would really go up in smoke.  The torque is amazing with this setup.  I was running @ the time a 3.08:1 rear gear & the 700R4 tranny.  Notice the horrible 60 foot times.  I guess considering that the previous slip was with a 4.56:1 gear, sticky tires, 3800 stall converter & a dual 3" exhaust, this is not too bad.  I guess i can live with it for now, but more is in the works.  I have new gears (3.42's), tires for some bite & maybe a bottle or two in the future.  Not sure how that is going to play out yet,  I guess that depends on who beats me next time. 
This was the next trip to the track, with the same motor.  This time we had some track bite & that helped to get the car to hook.  Only this trip we had a new converter in it & it stalled up higher & made it harder to keep the tires from going up in smoke again.  This run was a 12.733 @ 106.23.  This is the fastest time slip that I have for the car.  It would appear that I have lost an entire pile of slips becuse we went back again in Feb or March of the next year, & made a bunch of good runs.  We were running slicks on the car at that point & it hooked up better.  With this setup we managed to get a fastest time of 11.77 @ 105 or 106.  With the slick we were able to drop the 60 foot times down & pick up some time.  but, without the time slip it is all bench racing.  All of the above time slips were on the motor.  Shortly after this day at the track we hooked up a 200 hp shot of squeeze, we can only speculate how much time a 200 shot is worth, again providing the car will hook up.  I would be willing to be that with the 200 Hp shot this car was at the bottom of the 11's or at the top of the 10's.  But again, at this point its all bench racing. 
Again kinda hard to see, but it shakes down like this.  60' times are coming down some.  I Was running some MT ET streets & they are hooking up well.  the 60' times are down to 2.072 & the ET's are down in the 13.18's.  This was the quickest time of the day (22 April 01).  I could not get the converter to stall up @ all.  the way that I got this 60' time was to bring the car just up off idle & hammer on the throttle on the third yellow bulb.  It would flash the converter higher than if I tried to stall the motor up on the converter.  The MPH was 106.07 this run.  All most all of the 20 times slips that I got this day were in the 13.2's some in the 13.3's.
This was the fastest run of the day.  It was a 107.42, with the ET coming in @ 13.212.  not great but coming up.  I had another low 107 that day but all the rest were in the 106's.  Next up, a new converter.  This will bring the ET's down & hopefully the MPH's up a bit.  not sure how much improvement, I can expect, we will see.
Here it is with the new converter.  It is rated as a 2600 rpm stall converter but it was flashing up to about 3200 if I launched on it from just off idle.  As you can see the 60' times dropped down to 1.758 (Woo Hoo) & the ET Streets were hooking pretty good.  I dropped by .376 seconds.  The car was making some noise that appeared to go away late in the day but the track was getting real slick, so the tires were spinning out of the hole & the 60's started to drop again.
This was the fastest run of the day for me.  as you can tell I red lighted (the only one of the day btw, & most of the RT's were decent).  This is the only run of the day that was in the 106's the rest from 102 to 105, but I guess most of the regulars were down 1 - 2 mph as well so I dont feel too bad.  High Relative Humidity & Low Barometric pressure make for not so fast cars.  the RH was not unbearable but it slowed every one down a touch. Kinda funny how the car kept getting faster as the day went on (& kept getting hotter).