Auto Meter Fuel Presure gauge upgrade

I bought the 0-15 psig Electric Auto Meter Fuel Presure gauge for my Cummins TD & in about 3 months the Sending unit went bad. I called Auto Meter & they said that its likely becuase its a diesel & the Injection Pump is what caused it to go bad.  they "suggested" that I install what they called a "snubber" & gave me the 12S part number to get from a company called "Chemiquip".  the Phone number for Chemiquip is (212) 691 2330.  I called them & they asked what porosity I wanted.  I told them it was for Diesel Fuel & they suggested the E model which is for light fluids.  so thecomplete part number is 12SE.  They gave me the number of the Rep in my area & I called them & about $20.00 later, I had the snubber. 

as you might (or might not) be able to tell, this snubber is nothing more than a 1/8" NPT Male to Female adapter that has a Sintered Filter pressed into the end of it.  I installed it along with the new sending unit that Auto Meter sent to me & it makes a BIG difference in the "jumpyness" of the gauge.  simply put it dampens the pulsations in the FP in the line that goes to the sending unit.  we will see over time how long it lasts, I would guess indefinately.
Here is the new sending unit with the Snubber installed.
Here is the old sending unit (Bottom) & the new Sending unit (Top) with the snubber & the AN fitting installed).  as you can see the old & new sending units are different.  I cant tell you if the new one is simply a replacement for the old one or if they did a redesign for the sending unit for Diesel Trucks.  they are completely different part numbers. 

The old part number is:
0-15 psig
s/n3125 3057

The new part number is:
I bought all of my Gauges & such from & I have to say that these guys have been VERY helpfull to a new Diesel owner like myself.  I also frequent & thier forum.  Another very helpfull forum is 

Anywho, here is where the sending unit is installed.  there is a SS braded line that comes off of the output side of the fuel filter canister & goes over to the sending unit.  I wrapped the sending unit in a small sheet of rubber to help mechanically isolated it from the vibrations of the motor.  I dont figure I will have any more issues with it. (with fingers crossed)